Roy Juers & Stephanie Sterling

I'm a New Yorker borne & raised, but moved to DC while working for the government back in 2004.  A year later while on travel for work, I met my wife Stephanie Sterling in her CA home town, & we've been together ever since.  My first exposure to network marketing was thru her & seeing how she, being a full-time marketer with another company at the time, had total freedom; where & when she worked, how & how much she spent, how much time she took off. It was a lifestyle I wasn't didn't know, even with a great federal salary.  I was a slave to my bills, working 3 jobs, & simply had no time freedom like she did. That's when I realized I had to be involved in what she had, to get a taste of that kind of freedom in my life.

Fast forward to a few years ago, we were looking for a new home in terms of company, & It Works was having a Green Carpet Event, and we went as unaccompanied guests... it was then that we fell in love with the company, who their leaders are, what they stood for, the quality of their products, the fantastic way they pay people, the promotions & clothing & culture... it was like, "WOW Perfect Storm, everything is in place here..."

We've been all-in with It Works ever since, and we're all about helping our team achieve as much success as they're personally after, so that in turn, our own business will grow to a Whole 'Nutha Level.  We can help you with any questions you have, & if you're ready to get started, we'll help you move forward by helping other people look younger & live longer... let's do this together! Cheers!

~ Roy Juers

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